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The Simcoach Skill Arcade™ will not let me sign in.

The Simcoach Skill Arcade™ requires a Wi-Fi or cellular connection (3G / 4G) to run. Ensure that you have a strong connection to a network and restart the app.

There is a strong Wi-Fi signal but it still will not let me sign in.

Make sure that your username and password were entered correctly by ensuring that there are no capital letters in your username or password (unless your password includes them). Usernames are case sensitive and should always be entered in lowercase letters.

I forgot my username and/or password.

Unfortunately there are no options to recover passwords or usernames on your own at this time. To recover your password and/or username, contact and we will email you your Simcoach Skill Arcade™ profile information.

One of the games in the Simcoach Skill Arcade™ has fuzzy text all over it.

The Simcoach Skill Arcade™ is created using Unity and at times the dynamic fonts used in the app do not load properly causing parts of the text to freeze on the screen. Restarting the app usually solves this error and prevents it from reoccuring.