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Why can't I play one of Simcoach's games on my browser?

In order to play our games on your browser, you will need to install Unity Web Player.

What is Unity Web Player?

The Unity Web Player Plugin enables users to view 3D content built from the Unity game engine.

What are the system requirements for Unity Web Player and where can I get it?

Unity Web Player should work in any browser that supports plugins (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox). Get more information about Unity's system requirements.

To download and install the Unity Web Player plugin, go to

How can I test if Unity Web Player was installed correctly?

The Web Player download page (link above) detects and displays the version of Unity Web Player installed in your browser.

What if The Unity Web Player Install badge keeps showing up even after I installed the plugin?

Possible Solution Steps (Windows):
  • Uninstall the Unity Web Player (via Add/Remove Programs).
  • To be thorough, search for and delete all Unity temporary files.
  • Clear the browser cache.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Reinstall the Unity Web Player from (as admin).

  • Make sure to install the Unity Web Player as an admin. In managed environments, the average user sometimes doesn't have the permissions to install the plugin (which isn't always handled gracefully).
  • The installer exe file downloaded from can also be used to install silently across multiple computers in a managed environment. For more information on how do do this, follow the link.